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Programme for students” For a life free of discrimination” (running offer)


Accredited courses

The courses can be taken as complete units or just some of their modules separately.

Training courses

Our training courses cover a wide range of  human rights issues, from the basic theoretical aspects of human rights and democracy through specific rights and freedoms (such as freedom of expression, right to information, right to privacy) to a broad spectrum of topics concerning the right to equality and non-discrimination.

A special attention is given to the issues covered by the so-called Anti-discrimination Act – such as the forms of discrimination, prohibited grounds of discrimination, exemptions from the equal treatment principle, legal obligations to adopt measures to protect against discrimination, or means of legal protection in discrimination cases. We especially focus on women’s human rights and gender equality.

We have already provided more than 200 training courses and workshops on human rights issues for various target groups from both the public and business sector – for example for public administration, judges, company managements and their staff, teachers, the police, the Prison and Justice Guard Corps, tertiary school students, non-governmental organisations, etc.

Our experts on law, psychology, sociology, social work and other fields of humanities studies deliver excellent content to participants, in an attractive and effective way, enabling them to actively participate and reach their potential. In addition to information, they also provide relevant legal, psychological and social skills.

Our training courses combine interactive and participative learning with “traditional” teaching methods – theoretical lectures and professional presentations. Themes, topics, content, methodology and composition of training teams are always adjusted to match the needs and requirements of a particular target group.

Our tailor-made services:

  • Monitoring, professional advisory, consultancy
  • Seminars, training courses, workshops
  • Team process facilitation, supervision, coaching

Our educational and training courses expand your knowledge, develop skills and change attitudes in a balanced manner. We offer packages of services tailor-made to the needs of organisations, their management and employees at all levels.

The content of individual modules concentrates on the application of the equality principle and non-discrimination:

  • Equality principle as a new quality in human resources management and part of managerial skills
  • Equal treatment principle –  legal and non-legal context
  • Mapping and analysing the compliance with the equality principle to optimise corporate processes and culture
  • Implementing the principle of equality and non-discrimination into corporate culture
  • Resolving specific practical and legal problems related to the implementation of the obligation to comply with the equal treatment principle
  • Encouraging preparation/modification of internal rules and measures to address existing discrimination cases
  • Setting up formalised internal regulations in accordance with the obligation to comply with the equal treatment principle
  • Introduction of procedures and components of corporate culture to prevent discrimination
  • Applying the equality principle in day-to-day management of corporate staff



Občan, demokracia a zodpovednosť (Citizen, Democracy and Accountability)
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