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Already for more than two decades, we in the Citizen, Democracy and Accountability NGO have been actively promoting human rights to make them part of our everyday life, as opposed to just an abstract notion in the constitution, laws and international documents.

Our ambition is to make sure that human rights belong to the people and that the public authorities promote and protect them.


With our 20 years of practical experience and legal expertise, we contribute to promoting the principle of equality in practice. We propose procedures to comply with the equal treatment principle in accordance with Slovak national laws and EU legislation. We try to positively influence relevant policy-making processes and monitor their implementation and compliance. We, through teaching and training, communicate the equal treatment principle both towards internal and external target groups in the public, as well as the private sector.


We create space for a public discussion primarily concerning issues that substantially affect the people living in our country. At the same time, we also seek cooperation with public authorities. We expect them to show a responsible approach by coming up with concrete and systematic measures, accompanied by well-considered actions and effective solutions in all policies that serve the public. As public authorities, they are here for us, for the people living in theSlovakRepublic, and not vice-versa. Irrespective of which political party or coalition of parties hold the power in their hands in this moment now.


We promote human rights values, dignity, freedom and responsibility. Our members believe that the key to delivering these values is public participation, a willingness to positively change our society by doing something tangible in this respect every day – with courage, professionalism and responsibility.


We can do that in partnership with you.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you.


Šarlota Pufflerová
Executive Director, CDA