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Our mission


Accountability of public authorities: Human rights to the people

The Citizen, Democracy and Accountability is a human rights non-governmental organisation with more than twenty years of practical experience. We promote the values of justice, human dignity and non-discrimination. Our aim is to strengthen responsibility, legal awareness and a dialogue of partners.


We wish that people in our society:

  • fully respect human and civil rights of individuals as well as minority groups
  • demand that public authorities are held responsible for the full realisation of the rights that belong to of all of us


Promoting non-discrimination for more than 20 years

  • we propose procedures to ensure compliance with the equal treatment principle in practice
  • we cooperate in policy making and setting the processes related to the fulfilment of the equality principle
  • we monitor their implementation and compliance
  • we educate, coach and consult
  • we train how to communicate the equal treatment principle


Towards equal treatment

Our activities primarily focus on: the enforcement of a right to human dignity for all, protection against discrimination, and women’s human rights.


We believe that good solutions to public affairs can only be achieved in a democratic discussion.


Our ideas are backed by concrete activities: defending public interests (advocacy activities), e.g. through participation in a legislative and public policy-making process, public policy monitoring, strategic litigation, or campaigning targeted at specific issues.


Our core activities involve training: the provision of information and continuous communication both with professionals and the general public. We organise training courses, seminars, lectures, workshops, conferences and discussion forums.


In addition, we provide consultancy services, conduct research and prepare analyses, publish monographs, educational CDs, methodology guidelines, and other training and information materials.


Our objectives

  • to promote fair conditions for the exercise of rights and responsibility for all
  • to strengthen the responsibility of individuals – for themselves, their communities and the entire society
  • to develop civic skills and legal awareness of individuals
  • to encourage individuals to bear their share of responsibility for the supervision of public authorities and active participation in their decision-making
  • to participate in creating room for a dialogue between civil society and public authorities in order to ensure the balance of powers
  • to enhance accountability of public authorities towards the public and individuals for good governance in the country and for compliance with, and active enforcement of, human rights