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WOMEN – MOTHERS – BODIES II: Systemic aspects of violations of women’s human rights in birth care provided in healthcare facilities in Slovakia

ODZ, 8. 2. 2018

Women – Mothers – Bodies II: Systemic Aspects of Violations of Women’s Human Rights in Birth Care Provided in Healthcare Facilities in Slovakia is a second publication jointly released by Slovak NGOs Občan, demokracia a zodpovednosť (Citizen, Democracy and Accountability) and Ženské kruhy (Women’s Circles) as a result of their long-term cooperation. The book is a sequel to Women – Mothers – Bodies: Women’s Human Rights in Obstetric Care in Healthcare Facilities in Slovakia that gave pilot insights into the violations of women’s human rights in Slovak birthing facilities from the perspective of women as rights holders. Continue reading


CDA, 29. 4. 2015

Women’s Human Rights in Obstetric Care in Healthcare Facilities in Slovakia

Editor: Janka Debrecéniová

Authors: Kristína Babiaková, Janka Debrecéniová, Miroslava Hlinčíková, Zuzana Krišková, Martina Sekulová, Sylvia Šumšalová

Publisher: Občan, demokracia a zodpovednosť, Bratislava, April 2015

The publication is the first one to discuss obstetric care in the Slovak Republic from the perspective of women’s human rights. Besides filling the gap in knowledge of problems women face in relation to childbirth, it is also innovative in terms of research methodology. It summarises the results of more than two years of intensive efforts of our organisation in cooperation with NGO Women’s Circles that promote the human rights of women in Slovakia, which carried out a pilot study and monitoring. In collecting and processing the various data, an inter-disciplinary team of experts combined standard methods of social scientific research with methods used in human rights monitoring, one of them being the Free Access to Information Act mandating public authorities and maternity wards to provide information. Authors of the publication managed to offer many key perspectives currently missing in obstetric care in Slovakia, including both the authentic experiences of women, and a women’s human rights perspective, among others. Continue reading

CALCULATED INJUSTICE. The Slovak Republic´s Failure to Ensure Access to Contraceptives

Christina Zampas, Roseanne Kross, Adriana Lamačková, Janka Debrecéniová

Published by: Center for Reproductive Rights (New York), Možnosť voľby, Citizen, Democracy and Accountability, Bratislava, March 2011

This analytical report describes and analyses legal, political and social factors that create barriers to access by women and adolescent girls to modern contraceptives. The report is based on in-depth interviews with 29 women of reproductive age with various social and economic backgrounds from Prešov and Košice districts, and with 39 experts in this field, including representatives of non-governmental organisations working with women. The report builds on an analysis of national and international law and policies, as well as on published materials concerning contraceptives.

The report discusses the failure of state authorities to ensure access to affordable contraceptive means to women, and other structural and social barriers – the absence of compulsory, comprehensive and evidence-based sexuality education at schools, limited information provided by gynaecologists, as well as the influence of the Catholic Church on relevant legislation and policies in Slovakia.

The conclusions contain recommendations for key stakeholders.